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Porf. Niall EnglishPorf. Niall English

Prof. Niall English


Niall English graduated from University College Dublin (Chemical Engineering), BE (1st H, top of the class) 1996-2000, and PhD during 2000-03 on gas/water systems in electromagnetic fields. He carried out further energy-technology research for the U.S. DOE during 2004-05 involving gas systems, and he was involved in pharmaceutical/industrial R&D at the Chemical Computing Group in Cambridge, GB during 2005-07. He took up a lectureship at UCD in Chemical Engineering in 2007, being promoted to senior lecturer in 2014 and professor in 2017. His research interests encompass nanoscience, electric-field effects (including in biological systems), nanobubbles, carbon capture, gas hydrates, solar and renewable energies, and hydrogen storage. Commercially, his R&D/technology interests lie in prototyping and industrialising novel research ideas; at Aqua-B, this is being done with vigour for nanobubble-generation systems.


Dr Mohammad Reza Ghaani


MR Ghaani graduated from the University of Milano-Bicocca (Dept. of Materials Science) on the experimental study of active materials for hydrogen storage. Dr Ghaani has managed to develop and lead a research program at the forefront of the wider process-engineering discipline. He has been working on innovative aspects of chemical processes, unifying both experimental and computational aspects. Specifically, He is been dealing with the design and development of high-performance methods to enhance waster-gas contact which can be used mainly in many processing systems.